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You'll also run into something called a p - value. There's a lot packed in that little p and there are books written on the subject. Here's what you need to know. This video explains how to use the p - value to draw conclusions from The null hypothesis needs to be. The end result of a statistical significance test is a p value, which represents the probability that random fluctuations alone could have generated results that.

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This is the most critical concept to keep in mind as it means that one cannot infer from the p value whether H 0 is true or false. RELATED ARTICLES Statistical Significance and p-Values. Please review our privacy policy. An artificial cut point is chosen, called the significance level, and the result is called statistically significant if the p value is less than the significance level leading to the rejection of the null hypothesis. Finally, it is important to reemphasize that if the result of an hypothesis test is that a difference was not statistically significant, it does not mean that there is no difference between the treatment groups in the target population. p value for dummies

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BERGER, Calibration of p Values for Testing Precise Null Hypotheses, The American Statistician, February , Vol. For example, suppose that a vaccine study produced a P value of 0. To put it another way, the reasoning goes like this: First and foremost, a p value is simply a probability. In fact, P values often determine what studies get published and what projects get funding. CRM For Dummies Cheat Sheet.